GBC Grand Rounds

George Brown College is located on the traditional territory of the Mississauga of the Credit First Nation and other Indigenous peoples who have lived here over time. We are grateful to share this land as treaty people who learn, work, and live in the community with each other. 

The Chairperson for the evening will be: Sibel Mufti

6:20 PM EST - Students, Faculty and guests convene online

6:30 - 6:50 PM EST 

Title: " " Chloe Tse, First Yr Student - Clinical Methods in Orthotics & Prosthetics Program

6:50 - 7:10 PM EST

Title: " " Max Zhao, Second Yr Student - Clinical Methods in Orthotics & Prosthetics Program 

7:10 - 7:20 PM EST


7:20 - 7:45 PM EST

Title: "Smartphone approach to assessing amputee fall risk" Kristin Godin, Jillian King, Stephanie Luu, Shawna Oh, Second Yr Student - Orthotics & Prosthetics Technical Program

7:45 - 8:10 PM EST

Title: "Trautman Job Hazard Analysis"

Guest Speaker: Karen Litman CP(c), BSc, MSc(RS) RJCHC

Outline: There are risks inherent in using any machine including a Trautman. Recognizing and assessing hazards is the first step to controlling or eliminating risk. A Job Hazard Analysis ensures job hazards are identified and appropriate controls are implemented to protect all employees and learners from workplace injury and illness. The results of a job hazard analysis the Ron Joyce Children's Health Centre completed on a Trautman will be presented. These results will identify the hazards of working on a Trautman, factors that contribute to making the job hazardous as well as controls that can be used to minimize the risk of injury. Throughout the presentation will also share our process and experience in completing a job hazard analysis with the hope that you would feel confident completing a job hazard analysis in your workplace. 

5/2/2023 6:20 PM - 8:10 PM
Eastern Daylight Time