OPC has been credentialing orthotic and prosthetic professionals for over 50 years in Canada.  These professionals have undertaken considerable education and training to earn these credentials.  The titles of CBCPO* credentialed orthotic and prosthetic professionals are protected with a number of trademarks owned by OPC.  Only those who are CBCPO* credentialed through Orthotics Prosthetics Canada my use the following titles and credentials appropriate to their designation:


  • Certified Prosthetist CP(c)
  • Certified Orthotist CO(c)
  • Certified Prosthetist Orthotist CPO(c)
  • Registered Technician in Prosthetics RTP(c)
  • Registered Technician in Orthotics RTO(c)
  • Registered Technician in Prosthetics and Orthotics RTPO(c)


  • Technicien Inscrit en Orthétique TIO(c)
  • Technicien Inscrit en Prothétique TIP(c)
  • Technicien Inscrit en Prothétique/Orthétique TIPO(c)
  • Prothesiste Certifie PC(c)
  • Orthesiste Certifie OC(c)
  • Prothesiste et Orthesiste Certifie POC(c)

Unauthorized use of any of the above trademarks will result in legal action to protect the integrity of the profession and the safety of patients utilizing orthotic and prosthetic services.

* CBCPO is the independent credentialing authority that operates the credentialing process for OPC.