Registration Process

For a member to be awarded the registered technician credential the following requirements and procedures must first be met:

  • Fluency in French and/or English.Legs with orthotic brace and crutches
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a legal landed immigrant.
  • Possess a high school diploma or the General Educational Development (GED) equivalent.
  • Complete either Method I or Method II Internship. (see below)
  • Pass the written and practical National Board Exams as set by the examination committee.

There are two methods which can lead to the recognition of registration in orthotics and/or prosthetics. These are:

Method I: Formal Training Registration:

The applicant must have:

  • completed an OPC approved and officially recognized technical orthotic and prosthetic school program.
  • been employed in an orthotic-prosthetic facility and complete 3450 hours of supervised stat in the appropriate discipline.

Method II: Informal Training Registration

The applicant must have:

  • been employed in an orthotic-prosthetic facility and complete 6900 hours of supervised work in the appropriate discipline.

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