The War Amps – Memorandum of Understanding

Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC) and The War Amps have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalize a relationship in­tended to improve outcomes for amputees and prosthetic pro­fessionals. The purpose for the MoU is expressed as: Affiliation and collaboration allowing for the development of evidence-based recommendations for public and private funding agencies concerning amputee care services, orthotics, prosthetics and support for Canadians living with ampu­tation and the orthotic and prosthetic profession.

By fostering a partnership, The War Amps and OPC will contribute to raising the standards of amputee care and positioning Canada’s health sector as a global leader at the forefront of amputee care. OPC and The War Amps will work collaboratively to ensure that Canadians with amputation receive the most appropriate, evidence-based and timely care to ensure optimal outcomes.

OPC has committed to being the final authority for all aspects of clinical orthotic and prosthetic care and services, to consult with The War Amps on orthotic and prosthetic care related to third party policies, guide­lines, benefit grids or funding models and related matters, and to encourage all persons with amputations to seek the assis­tance of The War Amps.

The War Amps will provide research and maintain infor­mational databases related to public and private funding models for orthotics and prosthetics, and academic mate­rial of all types of prosthetic devices for amputees, as well as provide policy advice, funding guidance and advocacy as the voice for persons with amputation ensuring that cases of insufficient O&P funding across the country are addressed. The War Amps will also share OPC expertise as the centre of excellence in amputation and facilitate education and awareness among public and private funding agencies and other stakeholders regarding amputee issues and needs, including requirements for clinically appropri­ate and up-to-date artificial limbs, and raise awareness among Canadians living with amputation and the public regarding the diversity of amputation-related matters.