Gait and the Neurogenic Foot with Catriona Clark

The neurogenic foot is problematic for people engaging in both low and high level mobility, and a consensus understanding on physiotherapy, pedorthic and surgical intervention in paramount of optimal long term patient outcomes. This webinar will endeavour to provide an overview of normative gait kinematics including a brief refresher of biomechanics in gait, and then review a range of neuromuscular conditions which affect the neurogenic foot and thus deviate from normal gait patterns.

Case discussions and examples about how gait and feet change over time in neuromuscular conditions will discuss the importance of collaborative input in determining when non-invasive pedorthic and physiotherapy intervention is necessary, or for how to identify when to refer for invasive surgical outcomes. A brief summary of post-surgical pedorthic and physiotherapist role will also be included in the webinar, with an overall summary provided and time for questions and comments at the end.

Guest Presenter Catriona Clark 

Catriona is an Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Neurological Physiotherapist, and co-founder of a private rehabilitation clinic in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. Graduating from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) she has worked predominantly with neurological conditions in all stages of rehabilitation in acute, subacute and community settings. Discovering early in her career that she had a genuine passion for providing therapy services to people with neurological conditions, Catriona has gained experience in a wide range of neurological conditions, and is committed to providing quality and holistic care. Catriona has dedicated herself to specializing in her field, completing her Masters of Clinical Rehabilitation (Neurological Physiotherapist) with research into physiotherapy for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Whilst managing a varied caseload of neurological conditions, an area of special interest includes the management of the spastic equinovarus foot, which includes consulting on a variety of conditions affecting the foot and their management.

Catriona has presented academic research at the Australian-Pacific Post-Polio Conference in 2016, and at the most recent Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference in 2019.  She is excited to be presenting to the Pedorthic community this year via webinar.

This event has been assessed for 1.5 Structured Continuing Education Points from The College of Pedorthics of Canada.

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5/5/2022 7:00 PM
Eastern Daylight Time