Mandatory Continuing Education Program (MCEs)

To maintain good standing, all certified and registered members must obtain the required MCE credits within their five-year window.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of their credential and the requirement to return their certificate. The MCE cycle expires each year on January 31, the same date as dues renewal. 

Members submit activities for MCE approval by entering the details of the activities on their online profile.   However, supporting documentation (course information and proof of attendance) MUST be provided to the OPC National Office within SIX MONTHS of the event for MCE credit approval to take place.  It is not necessary for members to obtain pre-approval of MCE credits prior to attending an event.  MCE credits can be applied following the event. 


Log into your profile to enter your MCE credits online 

MCE Policy

Certified Members: must complete a minimum of 30 MCEs within the five-year window in order to have the Certificate renewed.   Dual Certifees are required to complete 45 credits for the five year period, with a minimum of 15 MCEs in each discipline. * DUAL CERTIFEES - The MCE windows for your two disciplines have been aligned into one MCE window for both.

Registered Technician Members: must complete a minimum of 20 MCEs within the five-year window in order to have their certificate renewed. Members who are registered in both disciplines will be required to complete 30 MCEs over a five-year period, with a minimum of 10 in each discipline.

Resident & Intern Members:  
Residents and Interns are permitted to attend pre-approved courses, conferences, tutorials, and other similar educational opportunities during their Residency or Internship. The maximum allowable hours that can be applied toward the residency or internship as continuing education hours are 40 (20 for a 1725 hours Residency). 

MCE by Credential