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The aim of the Learning Centre is to feature links to information and knowledge of interest to the orthotic and prosthetic profession. Research, student papers, webinars and online learning links will be found here.

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International O&P Standards

ISPO Education Standards for Prosthetic/Orthotic Occupations

World Health Organization (WHO) Standards for Prosthetics and Orthotics, Part 1: Standards

World Health Organization (WHO) Standards for Prosthetics and Orthotics, Part 2: Implementation Manual

GBC Student Research Posters:

Poster: Paediatric Running with lower-limb Amputation: A review of the literature by Nicole Drake and Dean Drasnin

Poster: Investigating the Carbon Footprint of Privately Owned Orthotic Facilities by Ivan Capcap and Rachel Twiss

Poster: Caring for Parental Caregivers: A literature review of musculoskeletal pain in caregivers of children with mobility impairments by Patrick Chin Cheong and Alexander Low

Poster: Utilizing Multiple Degrees of Freedom in Myoelectric Prostheses for Trans-humeral and Shoulder Disarticulation Level TMR Prosthetic Users by Wendy Cox and Donna Langel 

Position Statements and White Papers:

White Paper: Osseointegration in Canada   Alignment Article: Osseointegration Related to Limb Prosthetics in Canada

Articles of Interest: 

Article: Canadian Diabetes Association - Impact of Offloading Devices on DFU Costs in Ontario

Article: The evidence-base for elevated vacuum in lower limb prosthetics: Literature review and professional feedback

Article: Rand Report: Economic Value of Advanced Transfemoral Prosthetics

Article: Alignment 2017- 3D Printing is Coming to Our Clinics


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