Foreign-Trained Individuals

Foreign-trained applicants must have their education assessed by the Corporation's Education Committee and by a third party assessment organization, as directed by the Corporation.  If foreign qualifications are deemed equivalent to the current standards of the Corporation, then the individual will be required to successfully complete the OPC Entry-to-Residency Examination.

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Applicants will have three attempts to pass the Entry-to-Residency Examination in each discipline. Failure to pass the Entry-to-Residency Examination, with a passing mark of 70%, will deem the candidate ineligible for any further privileges to sit the Examination in that discipline.

Upon successful completion of the Entry-to-Residency Examination, the applicant will be required to register with the Residency Program and complete a Residency in Canada. All foreign-trained individuals must be legal landed immigrants or Canadian citizens and be fluent in French or English at the time of the application to sit the Certification Examination.