Regional Associations

Regional Associations for Certified Prosthetists and Orthotists and Registered Technicians are independent bodies intended to address issues of a regional nature for the profession.  Prior to amalgamation, the President of Regional Associations was appointed to the CAPO Board of Directors.  With Canada’s new Not-For-Profit Corporation’s Act, appointed positions on Boards were no longer allowed and all Board members must be elected by the members at the annual general meeting. Additionally, the fiduciary responsibility of National board members must be to the national organization.

With the amalgamation of CAPO and CBCPO, a Regional Council was created to formally meet and discuss regional issues and inform the national OPC Board of Directors about the issues and the needs of the regions.  The Regional Council is intended to provide Regional Associations with an enhanced, more effective voice.

The Regional Council:

  • Canada Regions colored mapFacilitates the exchange of information as well as identifies and addresses issues of concern between Orthotics Prosthetics Canada and its regional affiliates.
  • The Regional Council will include the President and Vice-President of OPC as well as officials of each regional affiliate.
  • The Regional Council will meet at least twice each year. Meetings may be held by teleconference or other means as determined. The agenda will be set by the Council participants and will deal with regional issues as well as OPC policies and programs as they impact the regions.
  • A report of the Forum meetings will be provided to the participants for subsequent dissemination to their respective boards and stakeholders as warranted.

The discussions at the Regional Council will provide valuable information to the OPC Board to inform its strategic decision making in terms of priority issues to address.  Questions about the Regional Council should be addressed to the OPC National Office.