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Welcome to Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC) website.  This page is provided to health professionals to provide information about who Certified Prosthetists CP(c) are and what they do. Certified Prosthetists CP(c) are the experts at restoring mobility, comfort, safety and providing the devices Canadians need for their independent, daily living.


A Certified Prosthetist CP(c) is a highly trained healthcare professional, experienced in the design and manufacture of artificial limbs.


They work closely with a team of medical professionals that may include your physician, surgeon, physical and occupational therapist to ensure the best results for each individual. Certified Prosthetists CP(c) are the only health professionals with extensive training, knowledge and understanding of artificial limbs.


The Certified Prosthetist’s primary responsibilities are to evaluate, design, fabricate, fit and deliver an artificial limb or prosthesis. They also provide follow-up care once the prosthesis has been delivered. All these services help optimize a patient’s functional outcome.


Did You Know?

  • Certified Prosthetists CP(c) have been credentialed in Canada for over 50 years.
  • Only an OPC credentialed prosthetist can use the “Certified Prosthetist CP(c)” title and acronym.
  • CP(c) are recognized as authorized providers by most provincial and private health care plans.
  • Training to become a CP(c) requires:
    • A university degree, plus
    • 2 years in an accredited post graduate prosthetics and orthotics program, plus
    • 2 years of prosthetic Residency under the supervision of a Certified Prosthetist, and
    • successful completion of national written and practical credentialing exams.
  • A Certified Prosthetist CP(c) is ethically bound to treat and fit an amputee with only the prosthetic devices that are appropriate for the patient to achieve independence, safety, comfort and improve function.

There are approximately 500 Certified Orthotists/Prosthetists in Canada.  Only those professionals that have been CBCPO credentialed through OPC can use the Certified Orthotist CO(c) or Certified Prosthetist CP(c) titles.


Certified Prosthetists are uniquely trained to help amputees live independent, active and productive lives.  The goals of prosthetic treatment are to optimize independence, quality of life and body image for each individual amputee. Only the CP(c) can match a specific limb prosthesis and all its component parts to an individual patient’s unique clinical needs.


A CP(c)’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, physics, pathology, biomechanics and other areas forms the broad foundation upon which their speciality is based.  Prostheses are complex devices. Prosthetic treatments merge science, art, engineering and health care knowledge.


To find a Certified Prosthetist CP(c) near you, use our Find A Professional feature.  Only credentialed and active professionals appear on the Find A Professional site.  If you have any questions, please contact OPC at (416) 623-6687 or via email at