Certified Orthotists CO(c) are recognized health care specialists who treat conditions of the neuro-muscular skeletal systems of the body with custom-made or custom-fit orthoses (braces).


It is important to recognize that the world of orthotics is an unregulated space in Canada (except Quebec).  Beware of inadequately trained individuals providing orthotic treatments.


Did You Know?

  • Certified Orthotists CO(c) have been credentialed in Canada for over 50 years.
  • Only an OPC credentialed orthotist can use the “Certified Orthotist CO(c)” title and acronym.
  • CO(c)'s are recognized as authorized providers by most provincial and private health care plans.
  • Training to become a CO(c) requires:
    • A university degree, plus
    • 2 years in an accredited post graduate prosthetics and orthotics program, plus
    • 2 years of orthotic Residency under the supervision of a Certified Orthotist, and
    • Successful completion of national written and practical credentialing exams.
  • A Certified Orthotist CO(c) is ethically bound to treat and provide a patient with the orthotic devices that are appropriate for the patient to achieve independence, safety, comfort and improve function.

Certified Orthotists are the highest trained and most knowledgeable health professionals in head-to-toe orthotic treatments.


There are approximately 500 Certified Orthotists/Prosthetists in Canada.  Only those professionals that have been CBCPO credentialed through OPC can use the Certified Orthotist CO(c) or Certified Prosthetist CP(c) titles.


A CO(c)’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, physics, pathology, biomechanics and other areas forms the broad foundation upon which their speciality is based.  Orthoses are complex devices. Orthotic treatments merge science, art, engineering and health care knowledge.


To find a Certified Orthotist CO(c) near you, use our Find A Professional feature.  Only credentialed and active professionals appear on the Find A Professional site.  If you have any questions, please contact OPC at (416) 623-6687 or via email at