Funding Options

There are several types of funding available to make custom orthoses accessible.  They are:

  1. Provincial Healthcare Funding – public healthcare, social assistance
  2. Private Health Insurance Plan Funding – Manulife, Great West Life, Sunlife, etc.
  3. Federal Government Program Funding – for veterans, indigenous, and new immigrants
  4. Provincial Worker Compensation Programs – WCB, WSIB, Worksafe BC, etc.
  5. Canada Revenue Agency – Disability Tax Credit
  6. Charities – The War Amps of Canada, March of Dimes, Easter Seals, etc.

Provincial Healthcare Funding

Funding availability for custom made orthoses is different in every province. The provincial governments set out varied fee schedules and residents of each province, with a valid heath card, are eligible for coverage, if available in their provinces.

Most provinces that provide public funding for orthoses require that:

  • Orthotic treatment be prescribed by an authorized medical professional
  • Orthosis is required for prolonged period to address malady
  • Devices must be custom made (i.e. they do not fund off-the-shelf orthotics)
  • Assessment, fabrication and fit must be done at an authorized facility by a Certified Orthotist CO(c)

The following Provinces have healthcare funding programs for orthotic treatments through the indicated departments:

Federal Department Healthcare Funding

Worker Compensation Programs

Each province has a Worker Compensation Program that covers those who are injured on the job.  These departments go by different names across the province but provide orthotic and prosthetic funding when injuries occur at work.