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The OPC Board of Directors met in December 2018 in Ottawa to develop a future direction for Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC). The group built on detailed strategic planning output, including membership and key stakeholder surveys, as well as an environmental assessment, and completed a plan identifying the priorities for OPC for the next three years.  The three priorities and their objectives are:

1.  Stakeholder Relations – Improve awareness of orthotic and prosthetic professionals and the understanding of their competencies and treatments provided to increase referrals from health professionals, ensure recognition by public and private payers in their policies and government legislation and establish OPC as the body responsible for the profession.

2.  Supply of Professionals – To undertake actions that maintain necessary standards and increase the number of credentialed professionals in the country and their capacity to practice.

3.  Standards of Practice and Clinical Practice Guidelines – To establish leadership in the profession through the development of standards and guidelines to be consistently applied across the profession.  To instill confidence in payers, health professions, governments and the public in the O&P profession.

2019-2021 OPC Strategic Plan Overview