Advocacy & Related Organization 


Advocacy is an important part of Orthotics Prosthetics Canada's mandate.  OPC is diligent in its effort to increase awareness and affect positive change for quality orthotic and prosthetic patient care in Canada.

OPC works with key stakeholders such as government officials, insurance payers and allied professionals to increase awareness of our Certified and Registered professionals and their vital contributions to the healthcare system.

Revision ADP Campaign

AFO Awareness Campaign

ABC Certified Practitioners

OPC has a reciprocal arrangement with the American Board for the Certification of Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC) that recognizes the credentials of Certified Orthotists and Certified Prosthetists.  ABC certified practitioners in good standing can receive exemptions from the education and residency requirements of the Canadian credentialing process. Upon validation of good standing, and meeting the application requirements, ABC credentialed professionals can challenge the written and practical certification examinations. If successful, they receive the Canadian credential.


Interested American certified clinicians must submit a letter from ABC verifying good standing dated within 2 months of the application for the CBCPO Certification exams.


Applicants under this agreement must complete the OPC Exam Application as well as the Supplemental Declaration of Identity form to accompany the exam application


Contact the OPC National office for more information at [email protected] or (416) 623-6687.