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2021 Virtual Conference

Ethical Conduct & Complaints


All certified and registered professionals as well as those residents and interns who are training to become certified and registered respectively, are bound to the OPC Canons of Ethical Conduct.  The Canons of Ethical Conduct are the foundation for the regulatory role OPC plays within the profession.


The profession of orthotics and prosthetics exists for the fundamental purpose of assisting patients in maintaining functional and productive lives. The public entrusts their confidence to those professional practitioners upon whose competence and sense of fairness and compassion they can rely. For the profession to thrive, the members must discharge their responsibilities in a fashion that will bring honour and integrity to that profession, thereby ensuring public confidence. The greatest effort possible should be made to satisfy each patient’s orthotic and/or prosthetic needs. The relationship established and the manner in which the patient is served are essential factors for appropriate professional and ethical conduct.


OPC takes its role in enforcing the standards of the profession seriously. Depending upon the circumstances, disciplinary action may range from a warning, reprimand, temporary suspension, decertification/registration or censure to referral for criminal prosecution or civil action. Every orthotist, prosthetist and registered technician has a civic and professional obligation to report any and all evidence that may come to his or her attention involving ethical breaches or alleged criminal conduct by an orthotist, prosthetist or registered technician relating to the practice of orthotics or prosthetics.


Two OPC Committees have responsibilities in this area:

  • OPC Standards & Ethics Committee – is responsible for the development of ethical guidelines and practice standards
  • OPC Professional Practice Sub-Committee – is an independent, arm's length sub-committee that is responsible for investigating any alleged breaches of the code of conduct by members.

If you have any questions regarding the OPC Canons of Ethical Conduct or you would like to report an ethical breach by an OPC member, please contact the OPC National Office at (416) 623-6687.




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